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I felt like pitting two movies I really love to fight. Ridley Scott's Best Picture winner Gladiador and Mel Gibson's Best Picture winner Braveheart

The performances.

Braveheart: with the lead role being Mel Gibson he can either be great or awful. This is Mel Gibson in his prime and it shows he aways maintains this out for revenge against a army vibe with balancing out the I am damanged and I wanna see everyone who's British die; he does a great job. The supporting cast lacks theres a irish fellas who is great and the love interest is great but nothing to great to be etched into my mind.


Gladiators cast is incredible Russell crowe front lines and he to much like Gibson does his job perfecly. His role being harder to pull off because he has to be into one mode of this character then hide it. I am sure Gibson could do the same but his script doest call for it. The camaraderie between the gladiators the banter makes for a perfect film and Phoenix scares me half to death he's creepy he's scary

The winner:Gladiator

Cinematography, camrea work, shots

Gladiator: the camrea technique is handheld cam mixed with shakey cam and up close shots and quick cuts. This works for the most part but also shoots itself in the foot because it doesn't always work but it does for the most.

Braveheart: the style her is nice large wide shots that show the scope. The steady cam follows the bloody battle so you don't miss a thing and brings a sense of fear and realism to the audience

The Winner Braveheart


Braveheart: at a whopping 3+ hours this epic should flow so nice the camrea work helps this so much. It also helps when your film is more straight forward

Gladiator: the paceing sadly doesn't flow because this film has a little more going on and you start to feel the runtime.

Winner Braveheart

Dialogue and script

Gladiator: this movie is one of the most quotable films of all the banter between characters is great with well-done chemistry.

Braveheart:the film has great lines not as good a gladiator but really good there is much chemistry to be seen. The scenes between the warriors is well done.

Winner Gladiador

Note: this is just my opinion and all in good fun.

Gladiator: 2

Braveheart: 2

I swear I didn't mean for that to happen.


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