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There will be eight slots here even QT only really has 7 movies so lets go (I may give a higher grade to a lower spot its my personal favorites and how I rank them with a grade on the quality.)

8. Death proof

QT himslelf said he doesn't care for this movie. The dialogue isnt as fun as it should be. No ones really likable just a big mess. Grade:C-

7. Jackie Brown

Another film that doesn't have anything that interesting going on the acting great


6. Kill Bill Vol.1

Great action film but doesn't have that QT style I love but is great action film


5.Inglorious Basterds

QT's self proclaimed masterpiece. This film has everything you need and loved about the director with great acting and action but the conversations are soooo great


4. Kill Bill Vol.2

This is the perfect Tarintno film really it is the dialogue is fresh crazy the film self aware its amazing


3. Django Unchained

This film that pokes fun at the westren genre while showing how great it can be with that QT charm on top.


2. Resivior Dogs

The first outing is amazing the dialogue was great but you know that. It's a heist movie where you don't see the heist. And the movie is still that damn good.


Pulp fiction

Nuff said



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