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Hoping to cash in on the critical success of their Netflix series "Daredevil", Marvel are already planning on a tie-in game according to insiders at the company. One such insider who agreed to speak to Hans Honest News on condition of anonymity had the following cryptic words about the matter :

"What Daredevil game? What the hell are you talking about? Who the hell even are you and how'd you get in my house? Get the hell out!"

Cryptic indeed. What we believe our anonymous tip (who by no means is pressing charges against Hans Honest News for breaking and entering) meant was that Marvel head honchos are desperate to recreate the success enjoyed by the Arkham Series and are willing to pull out all the stops with there newest Daredevil offering. Before being escorted by police of the whistle blowers property, (unlawfully mind you ) he managed to divulge to us the following information about the upcoming release.

  • The game will be a vague rip off of Batman: Arkham Knight, which itself was a blatant plagiarism of the aptly named Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  • Set in Matt Murdoc's office, most of the gameplay will encompass the usual legislative work and daily going on's one would expect in a law firm.
  • Taking a first person perspective , Daredevil will give fans a never before seen insight into what it is be a blind person , by having you constantly bumping into objects.
  • The combat system will be highly sophisticated, taking into consideration Daredevil's keen senses and radar vision to provide an authentic Daredevil experience.
  • The game will feature no actual combat.
  • The instruction manual will be written in braille.
  • If you enter the code BENAFFLECK03 the game will fatally crash instantaneously.
  • An Elektra spin off is to inexplicably be developed by Warner Brothers Game Studios despite Warner Brothers being the owners of rival company DC.
  • The game is expected to receive an R rating for ridiculous.

Hans Honest News also managed to gain a hold of an exclusive leaked screenshot of the yet to be announced title !

Daredevils stunning visuals
Daredevils stunning visuals

As you can probably tell from the screenshot above the game will run at a smooth 1080 p and 60 frames per second, possibly being one of the most visually stunning games to be released on next-gen consoles as of yet. Little else is known about the game but when future information comes to light you can bet your bottom dollar that Hans Honest News will be the first to have all the fact checked , credible details that our readers come to expect from us!

Until then be sure to check out our other articles and as always thanks for reading and peace out !


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