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Sagar Sarma

As a hardcore Harry Potter fan that has read the books and watched the movies numerous times, my favorite book was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Though the book was spectacular, the movie didn't quite live up to my expectations. So I came up with three easy ways they could have drastically improved the film.

1. Voldemort's Past

One of the great things of the novel is that we finally got to delve into the history of Voldemort and learn about his past. In the film, we only saw glimpses of his upbringing and the movie could have benefited from a greater look at the fan- favorite villain.

2. The Death of Dumbledore

They say sometimes silence can speak volumes...

...but in this case, the background music in the scene of Dumbledore’s death managed to sway us to tears. It was this event in the book that caused such a powerful emotional impact on readers.

3. Harry and the Horcruxes

In the book, Harry and Dumbledore knew what the Horcruxes were, and where they were. But, somehow in the movie, Harry doesn't know how many Horcruxes are out there or even exactly what they are. The only thing he knew was that Regulus' locket was a fake. Had Harry known what the Horcruxes were, the first part of Deathly Hallows would have been on the same par as the second.


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