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Before you exit out of my article, let me be clear: this is not a post about celebrity couples, no sir. This article is about my top 4 couples from the DC and Marvel Universe, whether it be from a comic book, a movie, an animated series or all of the above.

Let's take a look at a few of our favorite heroes who have had more between them than just a professional partnership.

5. Wolverine & Jean Grey

The first superpowered romance to melt our hearts was between Jean Grey and Wolverine. Now I understand that Cyclops was the first one to hold Jean's heart, but as I watched the animated series, I couldn't help but root for Wolverine. Even during the X-Men movies, I was still hoping for the flames between these two to ignite. I always felt like Wolverine deserved her more than Cyclops did. Besides, Jean really understood him unlike any other member of the X-Men (other than Prof. X). Wolverine wasn't only understood by Jean, but was also appreciated and accepted, and that's what someone like Wolverine needed.

4. Wonder Woman & Batman

You might have three questions 1) What about Talia Al Ghul? 2) Why is Batman on the list when he doesn't even have superpowers? 3) What about Superman and Wonder Woman? To answer your first question, well what about Talia? Wonder Woman wouldn't try to convince Bruce to do something he wouldn't want to do. 'Nuff said. To answer your second question: It's Batman. That's why he's on the list. Now to answer your third question: Superman and Wonder Woman is just too cliche for me, sorry folks. Batman and Diana as an item is more compelling to me than her and Superman being together.

This romance has been on and off for quite some time, and my positive stance on their relationship has always stayed the same. The dynamic between the two is so compelling because you have an assertive, noble princess/demi-god, and a mortal man who teeters on the line between right and wrong. The two aren't perfect, so they sort of fill each other's voids with what they have to offer one another. Basically, they balance each other out.

3. Scarlet Witch & Vision

This relationship has had my support since the day I was introduced to it. Even though these two are on a team of superheroes with unique abilities, they're different in their own ways. Scarlet Witch is a mutant who wields the power of magic, and Vision is an android who is not part of the mortal world. The fact that she could love him blew me away (even as a kid) because it felt good to see the 'sore thumb' of the group gain some love and acceptance. It's almost as if Scarlet Witch's love for Vision awoke the love he never had for himself, which made him love Wanda even more.

2. Rogue & Gambit

Ever since X-Men: The Animated Series I have been cheering for these two as a couple. They are so much alike that it should be illegal for them not to be together. Both of the mutants have a troubled past, resulting in them both being shamed by their own team, as well as being unworthy of their team's trust (sometimes). That being said, these two can rely on one another, trust one another, and wholeheartedly be themselves when they're together. This is a love story that's always had my attention.

1. Jon & Shayera

My top superpowered couple right here! When I watched the "Starcrossed" episodes from Justice League, I was so upset with Shayera after her betrayal, you guys don't even know! (I was 9 give me a break). The fact that their relationship survived that kind of betrayal says a lot about the love that they have for one another. They're both war hardened heroes who take pride in getting things done on their own. During the time of their on and off relationship, they have shown each other that they don't have to do it alone. These two complete each other.

What do you folks think?


Who's your favorite superpowered couple?


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