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So, for the first blog I think this was something which people could use. so,well we have the movie we all were waiting for-Batman VS Superman: Dawn of justice. so from the title only we could tell that the next movie is probably gonna be JUSTICE LEAGUE( that awesome cartoon we all grew up watching ).i think this movie will be a big hit and might give us all what we want. though if I would have to make a comment on the batman's new look lets just accept that the suit is not that good, though the armour is very cool but the suit just doesn't give that feel(I mean dude you are going toe to toe with superman not your every day goon).The trailers are all over the internet as of now, and everyone is going crazy about that-"do you bleed ? will".So, yeah that's it i guess we all are gonna have to wait until then.

See you !


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