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With Phase 2 over with Ant Man, and the line up for phase 3 already released, it's time to look to the future of Marvel phases. Looking at 1 and 2 Marvel stuck to 6 movies a phase but they've jumped to a stellar 10 films in the 3rd phase. Looking at the massive content they have to choose from, choosing material isn't hard. So it's safe to say that the following films will be made in the 4th phase

  • 1 Avengers Film
  • 1 Space Avengers Team up
  • 3 third films for an existing characters
  • ? A few sequels
  • 3 New character films

So without a further ado, I give you my choices for each

The Dark Avengers

What a bunch of phonies huh...
What a bunch of phonies huh...

The Dark Avengers wasn't my first choice, but it is perhaps the best Marvel can do with all the rights split around the place. For those who don't know, the storyline is basically Norman Osborn and his pals taking the identities of some of the Avengers and doing bad stuff. My first pick was World War Hulk which sadly belongs to universal who are pretty much watching the Marvel vs Fox battle. Other notable storylines that seem possible include the Korvac Saga, Fear itself and the Kang Dynasty. To be honest any of them are great and I hope any of those arcs get the cinematic treatment they deserve.

Space Avengers: Annihilation

Put your hand over Galactus ... ah, Much Better
Put your hand over Galactus ... ah, Much Better

When I say Space Avengers I mean a massive team up of non-earth Marvel Heroes based on Annihilation. The comic arc may not be everyones first pick, but it finally connects the Marvel heroes of the cosmos. I'm assuming the Avengers are most likely going to team up with GoTG in Infinity Wars but it'll also be great if they cameo, even if they aren't really apart of the story. The show would mainly revolve around GoTG, The Inhumans and maybe even Nova (I'll talk about him in a bit). The plot revolves around an Alien Race led by Annhilus (Big Baddy) to invade the universe. Other great storylines for the space team up would be War Of Kings.


It makes sense for Marvel to build upon characters especially one's with an absolute library of material to use and that make money. So it's obvious some of the sequels they will definitely churn out.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3: War Of Kings

Guys, Where's my helmet, GUYS!
Guys, Where's my helmet, GUYS!

With the success of the first one, and the instant re-order in the 3rd phase, I can easily see a third. If some how they screw up the second one, their success from the 1st could push them to a trilogy. Iron Man 2 may have not been crash hot, but a third was still warranted so it doesn't seem impossible for a third GoTG. My pick for the story would be based on War Of Kings. I know I used it before for Space Avengers but it could be easily a GoTG show instead with a few mentions of the Inhumans/Kree/Nova Corp rather than a bigger focus. It would be the cosmic version of civil war as the Inhumans/Kree VS the Shi'ar Empire and the GoTG act as peacekeepers.

Ant Man 2:

Oh Look A Penny!
Oh Look A Penny!

Ant Man 2 was a notable missing sequel in the 3rd phase and it would be a great way to kick off phase 4. Ant man's casting was excellent, the comedic banter was great and the heist element was a new breath of fresh air for Marvel. However as usual the villainous Yellowjacket played by Cory Stoll wasn't memorable. Anyway I enjoyed it and I would happily watch another Ant Man. I can see a sequel but the storyline would be an original to do with a vengeful Mitch Carson trying to get the suit or something rather than comic book based. Maybe even feature taskmaster or Jocasta.

The Inhumans 2/Captain Marvel 2/ Black Panther 2 / Doctor Strange 2

To speculate the plot or villain to a sequel is kinda hard when the first one hasn't released at all. However, some villain options for include the following:

  • Inhumans 2 = The Unspoken / Beyonder
  • Captain Marvel 2 = A.I.M / Nebula
  • Black Panther 2 = White Wolf / Eric Killmonger
  • Doctor Strange 2 = Mephisto / Enchanteress (Perfecly links to Thor)

For the last one I've kinda put a bunch here because we haven't really seen anything from them and we have no idea how they'll go. So I'm just going out on a limb and saying there will be a sequel to at least two of these or maybe even all five. I don't know but I'm excited anyway.

The Newbies

At every turn Marvel has introduced a new character that expands the MCU just a bit further, giving us a better look at the depth of the MCU. So here we go.


Now that's a Badass
Now that's a Badass

With Nova missing from the 3rd phase slate it would make sense for him to appear in the 4th phase. He expands on the cosmic universe just like Iron Man, Captain America and Ant Man films do for Earth. His film would probably feature an origin story with a brief cameo from GoTG or Inhumans.

Planet Hulk:

What's with the metal arm? Copying Bucky I see
What's with the metal arm? Copying Bucky I see

It mightn't be his first Marvel film but it's long overdue for the lean, green fighting machine. Marvel needs to follow a simple equation and here it is

Mark Ruffalo + Rights + Good Director (Creative Freedom) = Great Film $$$


I really have armpit hair issues...
I really have armpit hair issues...

With Marvel and Sony buddies, it doesn't seem like a massive stretch to get the other spiders on screen. It would fit in great between the Hydra/Shield conflict as it would show an origin story of Jessica Drew being brainwashed in all, like Bucky except less Bucky.

The Long Shots

From here on out logic and fact is thrown out the window and my inner dreams are expressed. To be clear these are films I'd love to see, but Marvel may be slightly hesitant to do

  • Avengers: Secret Invasion - Rights with Fox
  • Punisher - Has been done but is non MCU
  • She Hulk - Rights with Universal probably
  • Ghost Rider - Has been done but is non MCU and was a flop
  • Black Widow - Hard to make a standalone film

Anyway that's what I think of Marvel's "secret" formula for making money and entertaining the world.


So do you think I'm right?


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