ByKarl-stephane Benoit, writer at

In my opinion they should reboot and not Reboot les chutes keep the originals holloween 1 and 2 as is and I have no idea where they were going when the Dead Halloween 3 season of the witch season of the witch? They should Marie do this one according to the Halloween story line with Michael Myers then from 6 since the original release with such a I'm not gonna say anything to be polite they should continue after resurrection another movie but refer to the producers cut Material since it was D original version Supposed to be release by mixing the producers cut storyline within a resurrection sequel they can build and build and build and the movies will I have much more the whole series will have much more consist consistency even though some movies will probably be forgotten because they did not do what they should have done with number 6 well better late than never Please If they did something like that work around it I'm sure they will please a lot of people and explain a lot of gaps fill a lot of gaps and stay true To Michael whatever he has become anyways it's not for me to decide thats simply my opinion and seriously no no no no number 3 for the zombie movies I mean come on those movies carry the name zombie those movies are the walking dead think about it seriously?!


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