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In recent weeks, No Man’s Sky has become increasingly more understandable. IGN launched an investigation into the offices of Hello Games in order to uncover the secrets behind the indie game that everyone is talking about. No Man’s Sky’s developers have yet to announce an official release date for the PS4 and PC and we’re all dying to know how much longer this excruciating wait is going to be prolonged.

There are many elements of No Man’s Sky to look forward to but it’s probably the only game that I actually want to encounter mistakes with. Sean Murray has detailed some crazy glitches he and his team have encountered while developing No Man’s Sky and to be honest, I want to experience them all on this game’s release date. Procedural generation can throw some insane sights your way.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky - These Glitches Should Have Stayed in for Release Date

The engine that creates the universe of No Man’s Sky has a pretty incredible imagination. Hello Games have sent out probes to monitor its creations in order to ensure that gamers aren’t confronted with something truly horrifying. As game developers, the staff at Hello Games want to create a certain kind of atmosphere with this game and the engine that generates everything often had completely alternative views on what players should experience on release date.

For instance, Sean Murray described these strange creatures that only existed on the ceilings of caves, however they could only be found in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet. The game had a gun which became far too powerful. When fired it would actually propel creatures into orbit and for the life of me, I cannot understand why something like that was taken out of the game. This is the version of No Man’s Sky I desire! Let’s hope the PC community will be free to mod No Man’s Sky to their hearts content.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

This game would be insane if the computer was in control. They had a space station attempt to dock inside another space station - inanimate objects can love too. Another time, the buildings on one particular planet actually started moving - they were walking around the planet! I ask you, why wasn’t this kept in?! I think I’m kind of asking for No Man’s Sky to be combined with The Goat Simulator. A small request. Just replace my ship with that goat and we’re good to go!

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

What Do You Want From No Mans Sky On PC & PS4?

Sean Murray’s particular favorite was one bug that actually reincarnated you as a different creature each time you died. "One minute you’re in a dog-fight, the next you are a shark in the ocean." Yet again, this is the kind of mod I want to see implemented following No Man’s Sky’s release date on the PS4 and PC. It might go against what Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games have in mind, but it still sounds like a great take on what No Mans Sky is going to be.

What do you think of these glitches? Do you want No Man’s Sky to be as crazy as these glitches allowed it to be on its release date for the PS4 and PC? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


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