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Unfriended stars Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf), Renee Olstead (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Will Peltz (Men, Women and Children) among others in this new type of horror film.

Unfriended tells the story of six High School students in the middle of a Skype call on the one year anniversary of their fellow student's, Laura Barns, suicide, through the screen of Blaire Lily (Shelley Hennig). During the call, a anonymous seventh person joins, listening in on everything the others are saying without them knowing who he or she is.

Before long, the anonymous person begins posting pictures from the other teens Facebook accounts and terrorizing them through messages sent from the accounts belonging to Laura.

As the call goes by, the anonymous caller starts revealing the secrets of the teens before eventually knocking them down one by one.

(L-R), Shelley Hennig, Will Peltz, Moses Jacob Storm, Anonymous user, Jacob Wysocki, Renee Olstead - Property of Unfriended.
(L-R), Shelley Hennig, Will Peltz, Moses Jacob Storm, Anonymous user, Jacob Wysocki, Renee Olstead - Property of Unfriended.

I originally watched the film because Shelley Hennig was one of the main cast members, and I'll be honest, I first I thought it wasn't going to be all that good. I thought the general idea, whilst creative, wasn't going to work all that well and that the film was just going to go down hill.

However, within the first 20 minutes I knew I was wrong and that the idea of Unfriended could change up the Horror Film world.

The idea was carried across without any flaws and the horror elements were definitely there with quite a few jump scares though out. The characters were portrayed perfectly and believably.

With horror films these days, creators have to do something that will scare this generation more. Things like masked killers or being stuck in the woods doesn't scare as well as they did 20 years ago. The element of horror films need to be something that will relate to this generation and teenagers, frightening them more by making it something they use daily, and I think a psycho Skype call did just that.

Unfriended managed to bring fear through horror to a whole new level in a much simpler way through it's use of Skype, party games such as Never Have I Ever... and Facebook.

Could this mark a new age of Horror films?

I think it could.

It managed to take day to day things and twist them into something frightening enough to make you want to delete all your apps as soon as you've finished watching it.

"Never Have I Ever..." scene - Property of Unfriended.
"Never Have I Ever..." scene - Property of Unfriended.

There were moments that I laughed at such as when I saw that Blaire was watching Teen Wolf considering that it was Shelley Hennig.

The only fault I can find in this film is that it was kind of annoying when every now and then, someones Skype screen would glitch or freeze. I get that it was to make it seem more realistic but honestly, it was annoying.

Aside from that - and the fact that nobody's internet works that fast with that many tabs and windows open - Unfriended is an above exceptional film that I rate with:

8 Stars.


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