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Without hesitation, I rate this movie 10/10! It's clever and creative and most of all, it can help anyone of any age. I love films like this and encourage more to be made because they help people to understand themselves. This film could help you with comprehending your emotions and thoughts and why negative feelings exist - especially sadness.

This awesome movie is about the little voices inside your head: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness. Riley is the main character. She is 12 years old when she reluctantly moves from Minnesota with her parents. This is when the other emotions (or voices) in her head start to take control, whilst Joy runs around trying to fix everything and keep Riley happy during a difficult time. This movie is a realistic portrayal of what your emotions do when something effects you - happiness is trying to conquer everything and keep you positive, but finds it challenging when they're against other feelings such as sadness that taint everything. Inside Out is a fun and imaginative way to teach children about what's going on inside their heads. If I was 12, then this amazing movie would have helped me with growing up.

Inside Out really spoke to me, and I think many people will relate. As someone who had depression in their teen years, I really understood Sadness. I think Inside Out captures stages of depression (or being affected by different situations) brilliantly: aspects of your personality fade and sometimes even shut down, other emotions become stronger than happiness, and for Joy to be in charge all the time is impossible. Sometimes you need to cry. You MUST see this movie! It could change the way you think.

I want to say something about each of the emotions in Riley's head. I instantly fell in love with all of them for different reasons and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on them (warning - there are a couple of small spoilers!) :


From the copious amounts of adverts I had seen on T.V, Joy seemed a typical children's character: very happy and enthusiastic. I hate to say it, but I thought she'd possibly be my least favourite character. Creating a good character can sometimes be boring because they're just nice and there's nothing more to them. Often actors have more fun playing a villain or a funny, quirky character because you can do more with them than a nice character. You need to give your character something more than "nice" if you want them to be fun to watch. They need a flaw or something that makes them stand out: are they funny? Sarcastic? Smart? Shy?... But there is more to Joy than meets the eye. She is excitable, sweet and funny and she's just a really good person. I love her.


He's hilarious - and one of my favourites. Inside Out got Anger spot on; he makes rash decisions, easily becomes hot-headed, is always ready for a fight and is usually sarcastic. I love him, he made me laugh so much.


Is it a little weird that I sort of ship Anger and Disgust? It's entertaining to see Disgust and Anger together because they are similar in some ways. One of my favourite scenes in the movie is when they are arguing at the end of the film. Oddly enough I'd probably love to have a friend like Disgust - someone who stops me from making a fool of myself, makes me look cool, and keeps me away from broccoli. She is honest and straight-forward and to the point. She's great.


Oh Fear, I adore you - and I relate so much! I have a soft spot for him. As a shy and awkward person myself (who hated doing things such as speaking in front of class) some of the things Fear came out with in the movie really made me titter. What I love about this film is that the audience learn that they're not alone, and that everyone has these feelings and thoughts at some point in their lives. Fear is a tremendous character that teaches how anxiety can feel. He's also in one of my favourite scenes where he is watching the dream Riley's having.


At first I found Sadness a little infuriating. She wasn't doing what she was told and tainting happy memories - but sadness (as in the real emotion) does this! You try and be optimistic when you're feeling blue and fight negative feelings off, but it's hard. There is something sweet about Sadness and she makes me smile. I really like her.

The main thing you need to take away from Inside Out is that sometimes bad things happen and you will feel sad, or angry, or even scared and unable to be happy. That's OK, and it doesn't last forever - things do get better. What a beautiful message to tell children. This film is emotional but mainly it's an absolute joy to watch. It's a movie that stays with you long after you've left the cinema. Fantastic job, Pixar - now make me a sequel! I think a second film about Riley's teen years perhaps would be highly entertaining!

I give Inside Out 10/10 because I have nothing bad to say about it. Please go see this movie because it's inspirational and moving and you'll have a laugh watching it. What are you waiting for? Go watch it! Now!

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