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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your favourite superhero? One thing my 7 year old nephew and I have in common is that Spider-Man is our favourite. He has been interpreted in every which way, being one of the biggest franchises in the world, and we wishhim luck for his upcoming appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, before we see another rendition of the witty, web-slinging New York hero, here are 5 things I would never do again if I was Spider-Man!

1. Never Take Public Transport

As a university student who lives an hour an a half away from my university, public transport is a nightmare I must endure for another three years of my life. If I had Spider-man's power/abilities I would web-sling myself to school well above all the 9AM traffic and would probably get there in half the time! Because why take the train when I can just web sling myself everywhere?

2. Never Lose in Hide 'n' Seek

Maybe after a couple times, people would start checking the ceiling and side walls but with Spider-man's wall crawling abilities and agility, I would find a bunch of new hiding places to hang out. this would mean I would totally ace any Hide 'n' Seek games and also hide from my responsibilities. Now that I think about it, maybe that wouldn't be such a good thing.

3. Never Struggle with Jam Jars

With enhanced human strength, its just a logical leap that I would never struggle with jars, medicine bottle caps, or anything child proof-ed. It might be a dim-witted way to use super strength but I don't have the need to lift cars or planes any time soon. But if i found myself in a sticky situation I would I I would definitely be able to throw a better punch!

4. Never Take the Stairs

My university has a set of stairs that literally goes from the bottom all the way to the top of the uni and if you have a class from lower campus right before upper campus, your legs will be sore for days. If I could web swing and climb walls, this whole problem would be solved.

5. Never Get Out of Bed

Procrastination is a very hard habit to break but if I had Spider-man's sticky webs, it would take a lot more for me to get out of bed. Phone too far? No problem. There would be no need to stretch my body to weird and painful extents because I could just pull it closer to me with webs! Wouldn't that be fantastic?

It seems like if I did have Spider-man's powers, I probably wouldn't be saving the world and even though it would come in handy in my daily routine, it doesn't seem to benefit my life. It enhances my procrastination, laziness and make me avoid more of my responsibilities but that's why it's best to leave the superhero business to Peter Parker.

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