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A lot of talk surrounding Aquaman has been circulating the internet for as long as I can remember. Most of the talk has been negative until, one by one, fans stood up for the underrated hero. I'm digging the positivity that's being dealt out for Aquaman's sake, because he really should be taken seriously. He's not in the Justice League just to fill in a gap guys! That being said, let's go over 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Underestimate Aquaman.

1. He's a Warrior

The King of Atlantis is an angry and deadly force to be taken seriously. Guys, he doesn't just talk to fish; he is the leader of an Atlantean army that has weapons unlike anything the surface world military has ever seen. The only reason why he hasn't conquered Earth, is because he doesn't desire more power, nor does he hunger for conquest. Aquaman has years of fighting experience, and isn't at all above taking a life, which brings us to the next reason.

2. He Will Murder You

Now this pretty much goes hand-in-hand with being a warrior. Aquaman doesn't shy away from bloodshed. Like I've said before, he is a deadly warrior. The King could kill in many ways without even thinking about his trident. Even though it's a reliable weapon, he could bury his enemies without it. Not a lot of people know this, but Aquaman's telepathy can also influence non-aquatic animals. He's not able to read minds or directly communicate telepathically with people, but he's been known to give people hypnotic suggestions. During a battle with the evil Kordax, Aquaman unleashed a mental attack on him so brutal, that Kordax killed himself in order to make it stop. When you step to the King of the Seven Seas, you step correctly.

3. He Has Incredible Strength


If a guy can send the Man of Steel flying with a solid punch to the face, then why would you underestimate him? Living in the depths of the sea where no human could survive the pressure, Aquaman has built his muscles to a superhuman level. His skin is nearly impenetrable. Bullets will bounce off of the Atlantean, leaving only scratches. He once supported a 10-story building while it was on fire! Holy crap, right? That's still not enough to convince you to not underestimate Aquaman? Not only is he in command of an Atlantean army, but he is in command of the army of the sea. Most people would imagine Aquaman's powers at work to look like this:

When it actually looks a little something like this:

4. He is More Than the King of the Sea

Now a lot of people may think that Aquaman needs to be under water in order to be effective, but that logic is so flawed. He hasn't only had adventures underwater, but throughout time and space as well. He has been worshipped as a God in ancient Greece, he's been to flippin' Neptune, has been in the interplanetary Olympics, has saved entire planets, and has fought the creature Cthulhu and won.

Did I mention that he punched Death in the face? Yeah, that happened before he proceeded to smash him with his own boat. He then moved on to take down the three-headed demon dog Cereberus. After those epic feats, he talked Hades into releasing him and Poseidon from the underworld. Aquaman was then deemed more worthy than those who call themselves Gods. Now can we please stop underestimating this man?

What do you folks think?


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