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Even though ZeniMax Online’s MMO may be enjoying a bustling community on the PC, XBOX One and PS4 at the moment, it isn’t exactly the perfect Elder Scrolls online adventure we’d originally envisioned. Its been plagued with issues since its release date in April of 2014, granted ZeniMax has done a tremendous job of improving on various aspects of the game since then. However, it’s still a flawed product.

It’s unlikely that Bethesda will ever take the helm and lead the development of an Elder Scrolls MMO in the future. However, if ZeniMax Online, or another studio, where to take control over the series and attempt to best everything that Elder Scrolls Online gave us, what would you want from it?

Do you think a sequel to The Elder Scrolls Online is even likely? Or is an expansion to the current product exactly what you’re looking for? Let’s examine the aspects that a sequel or expansion to this successful MMO could introduce in order to improve on what ZeniMax Online gave us.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online - Sequel vs Expansion On PC, Xbox One & PS4

A sequel to an MMO is rarely something that happens - we mostly receive expansion after expansion. However, Elder Scrolls Online has a lot of problems that an expansion wouldn’t exactly address. World of Warcraft for instance had such a fantastic base product that an expansion upon what we were already gifted was perfectly sufficient.

However, I find the missions in Elder Scrolls Online and the general plot to be seriously messy. They have issues with combat, everything is extremely expensive and the game can really feel like a grind outside of PvP. If an expansion was introduced at a later time, it would need to give us a whole new plot and really address some of these other issues.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

But I’m wondering whether players of ESO even encounter these issues themselves. Elder Scrolls Online has most certainly made great strides since its release in terms of addressing player’s problems with the title, but I don’t think an expansion would cut it for those that are frustrated by the game.

I’d personally love to see ZeniMax, or even a different developer, take another stab at making a great MMO set within the Elder Scrolls universe. The critical reception of ESO wasn’t that great in the beginning and even when it was re-released for Xbox One and PS4, the opinions of critics barely altered. The issues that hold it back from greatness are still present - would an expansion really make ESO a better game?

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

What Do You Want From the Future of ESO?

But where do the most loyal players of Elder Scrolls Online stand? Is it likely that ZeniMax will release an expansion for this MMO in the future? Would it be exactly what you’re looking for? Or would a whole new Elder Scrolls Online alternative be more in-line with your desires? ESO lost my interest a while back, and if it weren’t for the game's incredible PvP, I probably would have stopped playing a lot earlier.

This was mostly due to its missions and reward system though. Even the most important missions of the game weren’t prepared to give you enough money to make a difference and they weren’t a lot of fun to play either. Grinding is obviously a chore element of MMOs, but due to how boring a lot of ESO’s missions were, it felt like even more of a chore.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

If someone could give us an engaging campaign within this universe, I’d play a lot more of Elder Scrolls Online. I’d happily engage with an expansion pack to ESO, but if it was to make me stick around for a lot longer, a whole new take on this MMO universe would need to be created. Let us know where you stand on ESO in the comments below and whether you’d like to see a sequel or an expansion to ZeniMax’s hit title.


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