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While superhero movies have only been coming out more and more frequently, one of the classics held close to many fan's hearts is our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. With all of the recent talk about Tom Holland and the future of the character's involvement in the MCU, I started looking back to my admiration for the original trilogy of Spider-Man films. It turns out there are many fun facts still unknown to many fans of the wall-crawler, so I've picked some of my favorites that certainly had me thinking.

20. Title Change

The original name for the second film was "The Amazing Spider-Man". It was eventually switched to the simplistic Spider-Man 2, and the former was saved for the 2012 reboot.

19. Hefty Weaponry

The tentacles and equipment that Alfred Molina had to wear as Doc Ock weighed approximately seventy-five pounds, and Molina would have to wear this equipment for long periods of time.

18. Wizards Over Heroes

Before Sam Raimi sat in the director's chair, the spot was offered to Chris Columbus. He turned it down, instead going to work on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

17. Food For Thought

In Spider-Man 3, they used real sand for some of the Sandman scenes, bu the also used ground-up corn for safety reasons, and because it reflected well on camera.

16. The Mutant's Moment

According to Hugh Jackman, he was supposed to film a cameo appearance as Wolverine in the first Spider-Man. Unfortunately, they could not get a hold of the Wolverine outfit, so even though Jackman went to New York to film the scene, the idea had to be shut down.

15. Sinister Stunts

Willem Dafoe asked to do his own stunts for the Green Goblin because he wanted to make sure that the movements were authentic. He ended up doing ninety-percent of the stunts himself.

14. Early Consideration

Ideas for a Spider-Man movie were pitched as early as the late 80's, and at the time they has several actresses in mind for the role of May Jane Watson. Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Anniston, Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, and Winona Ryder were among the actresses considered for the role.

13. V Is For Villain

During early production in Spider-Man 3, the classic comic villain Vulture was planned to play the antagonist, with Ben Kingsley considered for the role. They later replaced him with Venom.

12. Buffed Up Baddies

Both Topher Grace and Thomas Haden Church worked out extensively to prepare for their characters. Grace trained for sixth months to prepare for Venom, and Church trained for sixteen months.

11. The Quest For Villainy

Willem Dafoe certainly wasn't the first choice to play Norman Osborn. In fact, many other actors were offered the role before Defoe was cast, including John Travolta, Bill Paxton, Robert De Niro, John Malkovich, and Nicholas Cage.

10. Directoral Decisions

Legendary director James Cameron, known for Titanic, The Terminator, and Avatar, was supposed to make a Spider-Man movie in the 90's, but the deal unfortunately fell through.

9. The Odds Were Not In Her Favor

Elizabeth Banks, who you might recognize as Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games, played Betty Brant in the Spider-Man trilogy. She originally auditioned for Mary Jane Watson, nut she was passed up in favor of Kristen Dunst.

8. Legendary Landlord

Peter Parker's landlord in the second and third Spider-Man films is named Mr. Ditkovitch, a tribute to Steve Ditko, the original illustrator for the Spider-Man comics.

7. Damsel Duo

In Spider-Man 3, Gwen Stacy (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) was supposed to be kidnapped at the end of the film. They switched it to Mary Jane to give Harry Osborn more of a reason to come and assist Spider-Man in the final battle.

6. Potential Protagonists

Before Tobey Maguire was cast as Peter Parker, Leonardo DiCaprio was considered for the role. For the second film, Maguire started to have back pains, so they were ready to replace him with Jake Gyllenhaal before Maguire stated that he could still play the role. Stan Lee also stated in an interview that he thought John Cusack would have been a good Peter Parker.

5. Problematic Prop

In the subway scene in Spider-Man 3 when Sandman misses Spider-Man and punches the wall, there was supposed to be a foam brick for Thomas Haden Church to punch. Unfortunately, the foam brick wasn't put into place during the first take, so Church punched a real brick and broke three knuckles.

4. A Stuffed Sequel

Instead of just Doc Ock as the villain of Spider-Man 2, early scripts featured the Lizard, Black Cat, and Harry Osborn suiting up as the new Green Goblin along with Doc Ock. Eventually they cut out most of the characters, leaving only Doc Ock to fight Spidey, although they brought Harry back as the Green Goblin for Spider-Man 3.

3. Campbell Cameo

In all three Spider-Man films, Bruce Campbell makes cameos as three different characters. In Spider-Man, he played the announcer at the wrestling match with Buzzsaw. In Spider-Man 2, he played an usher at Mary Jane's play. In Spider-Man 3, he played the french waiter in the restaurant scene with Peter and MJ.

2. Overpriced Outfits

During the filming of the first Spider-Man movie, four Spidey suits were stolen from the set. The studios issued a $25,000 reward for information leading to their recovery, and they were eventually found after an investigation that lasted over a year. The suits were valued around $50,000 each.

1. Excelsior!

Stan Lee revealed that he had always wanted to play J. Jonah Jameson. However, he had nothing but good words to say about J.K. Simmons, the actor who played the role in the trilogy.



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