ByDivij Sonak, writer at

Back in April, Warner Bros. released the first look at Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice in the form of a 2 minute teaser. That teaser trailer included a montage of clips of Superman with Affleck's Batman making an appearance towards the end of the trailer.

A version of the same trailer was created that shows some additional footage with the intent of seemingly making the original trailer look like it was cut out from this extended trailer. Most of the changes thus are pretty subtle, with two changes that particularly stand out

  • Batman's dialogue (Tell Me ... ) has been modified a bit
  • The theme accompanying the logo has been replaced with a theme that combines the individual themes of Batman & Superman to come up with something more relevant.

Of course, with the newly released Comic-Con trailer, this becomes somewhat irrelevant now that we have so much footage of this highly anticipated movie to stare at. Nonetheless, worth a watch. Or not ? See for yourselves !!!


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