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Ok ..first post and its DC comics. its new universe started after the 2011 comic 'Flashpoint' and for the first 2-3 years it started with gusto. but now we have new stories that may ruin reading for long term fans like me. DC have changed facts such as

Bruce Wayne is dead and Gordon is Batman

The Joker is dead with his origin being revealed and...its a load of crap

Supermans identity as Clark Kent has been revealed to the world.

these are just some of the changes DC has made and with MARVEL comics doing the same universe reboot thing now with Secret wars (I live in the UK so we haven't got to that yet and we are only on original sin...) so we have no idea what's ahead...

on the other hand DCs new universe (or earth one if you want to call it that) is a fresh look at the heroes that we grew up watching on Saturday mornings such as Justice League and Batman: The animated series. its a good start for new comers and some stories such as death of the family are genius but it doesn't sit well for old readers that have read the issue were Jason Todd dies.

what do you think? leave a comment if you want to add a point. these are my and my families thoughts on the matter as I have relatives who are also comic don't hate


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