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Arrow series - quite successful 'til now and no doubt very entertaining. Following the same steps taken by Mr. Nolan for DC during the "Dark Knight series" , I mean more grounded and leveled. Well there are many pros of this approach.

Firstly this approach suits upon the budget allowed for Tv series. Appeal more to general audience because each and every thing they are seeing upon their Tv sets have also seen or heard before.

This time show producers promised for more magic and fun thrills. This season is going to be little bit lighter than the previous entries. But how this Magic going to find its place in the totally grounded universe of arrow.

Well the universe is not that grounded now after the entry of Flash and Ra'as al gul.

What's the main catch of season 4?

Damien Darkh and Water of Lazarus Pitts -: Assume Damien Darkh develops some technology by the help of water of Lazarus pitt. This whole will resembles with "Tablet of time" from Spiderman animated series where -

vulture by using an ancient tablet socked the life of people. And meanwhile he managed to socked the age of Spiderman for a while.

Look at the back of Mr. Donough, this looks like something ancient and the whole aura of this place also support my doubt that this will be something very important for Damien Darkh. Mr. Darkh will work upon the magical elements of this show for Immortality or is he already immortal.

Darkh is already equivalent to Ra'as have some more technical support and a secret organisation H.I.V.E ( welll ummm secret org......i have heard this before in Arrow......ohhhh shadow of league).

The H.I.V.E., stands for the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination, is a DC Comics supervillain organization.

Attention........Deathstroke's wife - Adeline Kane

Formerly Adeline Wilson , who met Slade at the military base and also known as Leader of Hive beside Damien Darkh. She'as trained in gorilla techniques by her father and gave birth to slade's son. But unfavorable circumstances led death of slade's son and also dangerous situation for Adeline. Slade gave his blood to save her.This blood played with his mind and she joined HIVE and started making evil plans to kill titans. Her plot resulted in her death. Vandal Savage put a team together to take advantage of Adeline's plan, intending to take her immortal blood to create a sort of Fountain of Youth potion.

So whats are the chances of Adeline in DC television universe - 90%. why???

Because we have already seen the effects of MIRAKURU in season 2 and also upon Roy Harper (which is till now an unexplored territory) . Vandal Sawage will surely come either in "League" or in "Arrow" or in "Flash" as a big baddie for season 3. Vandal Savage is a time traveller in the DC Universe, immortal and lived every era, and one of the most plausible candidates for Arrow/Flash spin-off Legends of tomorrow. There are many theories like Immortality and time- travelling both are related with Vandal Savage . Just the makers have to choose between Immortality and Time Travelling to select the show where to introduce him.


Vandal Savage - Where you like to see him most ?

Well back to Damien Darkh, his relation with New Ra'as al gul will provide a solid foundation for the show because now ra'as al gul is Malcom.

Malcom Merlyn already tried to ruin Glades with earthquake machine in the past. He was running away from league so also a possibility that he went to HIVE for saving his ass and now is the time for pay back.

So Damien Darkh will also hold upper hand upon shadow of league also in this season. But that's not the end , there is someone else who's trying to please him MAYBE !!!!!!!!!!!

Alexander Calvert is playing the deranged bad guy.

The Bates Motel star will first appear in the second episode as Lonnie Machin (aka Anarky) who "is a deranged freelancing criminal who is willing to do whatever it takes to impress a potential employer." Here the most Important point we need to be noted is - Potential Employer.

I don't know why , but my heart's keep telling me that he'll be out of control or even over the top for Damien Darkh also. He may support team Arrow for a while and in the next episode Anarky may ruin their plan, just a speculation right now. Well "why I'm saying this?" , its a nice question to ask because everyone guessing that he will be on Bad side .

In the comics, Anarky is known for run-ins with Batman. He's a teenage anarchist who creates gadgets to best the government. Batman does not necessarily see Anarky as a villain, and even agrees with some of his ideas — just not the way he goes about them.

Even here also He'll find the ways of Ollie absurd for a while or sometime even support them because this character is not a villain , he has his own philosophy

for Anarchism which is a political philosophy that advocates stateless societies often defined as self-governed voluntary institutions. So maybe Damien Darkh will be the reason behind this state of mind for Anarky. This will be awesome to watch how Anaraky gonna fits in Darkh plans.

But if makers show him as someone as a pawn for Damien Darkh then that will be total injustice with such a great character who has its own philosophy which is making him different from others.


what type of treatment you expect for Anarky from show makers ?

Some support for Team Arrow

Team Arrow is going to get another terrific character in the form of Mr. terrific. Having a Long history from a ground level superhero to a path breaking Meta human-superhero. But in Arrow season four his journey will be started from Palmer technologies , working under felicity Jones.

The fact that they revealed at SDCC that Mr. Terrific will be gay. So no such story or even related with comics. But still Mr. Terrific have something really terrific and this thing will allow makers to use lots of special effects, change the tone of show.

T-spheres - Highly advanced, multi functional spheres that float around Mr. Terrific, capable of holographic projection, laser grid creation, live cameras, and data networking links. They can also unlock electronic locks, carry Mr. Terrific's weight to allow him to fly, and implode on command to knock out a target. Finally, they can expell electric charges and be used as projectiles. They respond to commands from Mr. Terrific by means of his T-mask.

These T-spheres can change the whole surrounding during a fight or maybe the these Tsphere's will revolve around Arrow for a while because the characterization of Mr. terrific doesn't approve him for a field job.


Team arrow is itself a secret organization , ARGUS is also a secret org. , Recently revealed H.I.V.E is also an secret org. , Shadow of league is also secret..........seems like whol;e population of DCTU comes under any of the secret org. but wait there's one more SHADOWSPIRE .

This org. going to handle the drug cartel business. Shadowspire supplied South American drug cartels with the necessary tools of their trade: weapons, transportation, high technology and reliable intelligence. They even had the resources and know-how to create their own weaponized viruses. Baron Blitzkrieg is the leader of Shadowspire and allied with Vandal Savage's organization known as Symbolix.

Jimmy Akingbola (pictured above) will play Baron Reiter. In the comics, Baron Reiter’s villainous identity is Baron Blitzkrieg, an evil Nazi supervillain. They won’t be taking that route in the show, though.

“When people meet this character, he's not German, he's not a Nazi, he doesn't subscribe to any Nazi philosophies," said executive producer Marc Guggenheim. "We were attracted to an organization that actually in the comics had been associated with Deathstroke called Shadowspire. In the comics, Baron Reiter became associated with Shadowspire.”

According to Variety, Falling Skies’ Ryan Robbins has landed the role of Conklin, a “sadistic and ruthless” character who is part of Shadowspire.In the new season of Arrow, this group of villains will appear in the flashback sequences. Shadowspire will be led by Baron Reiter.

Based on the character’s description, it’s possible he’s based on Mourn, a member of Shadowspire who was dangerous enough to hold his own against Slade Wilson/Deathstroke and utilized a variety of technology.

credits screenrant- Info related with Mourn-conklin
credits screenrant- Info related with Mourn-conklin

In the Ollie's past, it seems he gain control over his nerve but this character will provide some new addition in his sadistic attitude or torture teaching. Also this character will nothing be more than a henchman and only scope he has to do anything is torturing Ollie, worst torture ever faced by Oliver Queen.

CARDS VS ARROW ---------->
J.R. Bourne will play Double Down on the third episode of the upcoming season, a villain from the DC Comics source material primarily associated with The Flash.

As in the comics, Double Down will be Jeremy Tell, "a metahuman who can turn his playing card tattoos into deadly weapons."


what will be the reason for double down's meta human abilities ?

I don't know how this going to fit in Arrow but I'm excited to see him as Double Down. being reasonable with this meta-human abilities will be a challange for show-makers in Arrow's world.

Ray Palmer after the Explosion in building will be fully - A.T.O.M now and we have an awesome villain for him to face before "legends of tomorrow". Well we love Edge from WWE. He's roped in as Atom smasher in this season i think tailor-made for Ray Palmer but wait....................

According to the network's character description via, "Atom Smasher has come to Central City to kill The Flash. His incredible strength and ability to grow to enormous size makes him more than a match for Flash and the entire S.T.A.R. Labs team will have to come together to find a way to defeat him."

So we can see him little bit earlier than Arrow.

How this all going to join with Flash and How the entry of Zoom in this Universe will create loopholes for arrow also. Maybe arrow will feel Deja-vu of some situation which he never wants to see again. Or Why Atom smasher came to Starling.......................

Fans that's all for now these are some questions for you please provide your Mind-blowing fan theories. Thank you for your patience and sorry if i said anything wrong. Please provide your suggestions.............. looking forward to improve and learn.

Please tell your thoughts over Vandal Savage.


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