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A few days ago I posted an article featuring my predictions/hopes for Marvel's Phase 4 movie block entry into their Cinematic Universe [Click Here]. Mostly it seems to have been met with positive reactions which I thank you for. Whilst creating it I had to put some of the films I wanted in Phase 4 into this Phase 5 which I mentioned at the bottom of the article followed by a poll to see if anybody wanted to see what I had to say about Phase 5. Well judging by the results most did want to see what I thought so here it is!


Captain Marvel 2 [April 12]

Several people thought that this was missing from Phase 4, don't worry I hadn't forgotten it, but I had to think about it like this: Its first film is in very late Phase 3 (2019) meaning that it can wait a few years but unfortunately with 2 cosmic films already in Phase 4 I didn't want to over-crowd it so chose to place it at the beginning of Phase 5, see my logic? It's hard to place the plot since we know literally nothing about the first film and villain-wise it's largely anyone's guess since she doesn't have any real stand-outs.

Namor [July 15]

Now this one is a bit complicated, as stated by Kevin Feige as of 2013 the rights to Namor remained "definitely" with Universal Studios. However, unlike the other franchise owned by other studios (X-Men, Fantastic Four, previously Spiderman) Namor is not being utilised nor has any apparent hope of getting a film done within the next few years. The rights, like all of the sold franchises, return to Marvel if gone unused for long enough and the hope is by 2023 (ten years after Kevin said the rights were at Universal) Namor can return. Also bare in mind in the comics he's considered he's part mutant which they will have to avoid and also the undeniable similarities to Aquaman (doesn't matter who came first if Aquaman already has a film and the public know him better). I imagine however it would be the classic story of him taking his rightful place as king.

Spider-Man 3 [November 20]

No not THAT Spider Man 3, this one will hopefully be much much better. Agin I had to place it near the beginning to account for a supposed teenagers growing age. Marvel usually portrays it's films in real time (Iron Man 3 is one year after Avengers, Winter Soldier is 3 years after The First Avenger) so assuming Spider Man is about 16 in his reboot he should be 22 in this film. This could document either his continued work as a photographer or maybe is developing scientific mind and possibly his joining of Horizon Labs?


Nova 2 [May7]

Now in my last article I had some resistance on my take of Richard Rider, which they are fully entitled to because my take is purely my opinion on what would make the most interesting film, my take was a Richard who was probably mid-late thirties who had already had his run in the Nova and became great before retiring. But in the first film he gets called back to take on Annihilus, in this film I was thinking maybe after Annihilus breaks the Nova Corps Nova Prime dies and leaves the whole Corps in ruins, so Richard takes it upon himself to become the Nova Prime and reform the Corps. Whilst he's doing this he faces another alien threat like The Brood?

Doctor Strange 3 [July 22]

Not much to say, but as I pointed out before Strange, Panther and Marvel would probably become the new Big 3 of Marvel films meaning that all of them get trilogies. Therefore this sequel will most likely happen in Phase 5 concluding Doctor Strange's solo saga but leaving him still open to crossover films. I would say the plot (after the first 2 cover Baron Mordo and Dormammu) would revolve around Mesphito as the only other high-profile mystic villain.

Now as an post-credits sequence I want to see Strange walk into a darkened room and sit down at a table, then as they pan around we see many other influential figures of the MCU such as Tony Stark (as one of his rare cameos post-Phase 3), Nick Fury and Black Panther in what is the first meeting of the Illuminati. If you read the comics you know this is like a top secret super hero council which each member represents a section of the universe, it's included Iron Man to represent the Avengers, Professor X to represent the X-Men, Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four and Black Bolt of the Inhumans. They meet to discuss important matters. I intend for this sequence to represent their most controversial and important decision ever: Sending the Hulk to space for being to dangerous.


Black Panther 3 [March 15]

Again, like Strange, third in the trilogy that will obviously come in Phase 5 concluding his solo adventure but leaving it open ended. As a villain I would consider Erik Killmonger as the villain, he has a pretty good story arc and would be a really nice villain to include. This film should be an almost swansong to the story of Wakanda as I doubt after that the country would make many appearances in such films like the Avengers. Sorry I'm so brief on this one but there's not much to say.

Avengers: Secret Invasion [July 10]

Although this is under the 'Avengers' banner it doesn't solely focus around the Avengers but all heroes much like how Civil War is a Captain America film but is really a much larger event. Secret Invasion (for those who don't know) basically documents the super-hero community discovering that for many years the shape shifting Skrulls have been taking over the planet without anybody realising by replacing heroes such as Spider Woman, Elektra and Black Bolt with Skrull impersonators. This causes uproar as the fakes are completely indistinguishable from the originals and since nobody knows exactly how long they've been here no hero knows who's good and who's bad. This incites the series tag line "Who do you trust?". In the film this can lead to a dilemma over previous decisions and whther they were entirely pure, such as casting out the Hulk, was it humans protecting the Earth? Or was it Skrull's getting rid of a potential threat? The Skrulls are currently with Fox as apparently they are considered a Fantastic Four character (that was there debut) but much like Quicksilver an argument can be made that they are just as much Avengers properties as well.

The Runaways [November 4]

After Guardians of the Galaxy was a roaring success I, like many fans, was begging for another niche franchise to be released on the screen: The Runaways. You'd be forgiven if you haven't heard of them as they really aren't in the Marvel lime-light but they have gained a strong cult following for it's deep and interesting story, it's characters are unique including: A witch, a girl with a velociraptor and an alien, . It has gained vocal support from big players such as Joss Whedon. Kevin Feige stated that there was a great script for Runaways already made and that he would love to make it but it just couldn't be done at that point. The Runaways would be a great film after Secret Invasion as it is a very very grounded story, they're not major heroes, they're not even at the street-level with Daredevil, they're right at the bottom and would be an excellent swan song for Phase 5.

Thanks for reading my Phase 5, don't worry I also think that I have over thought this a little. Again if you didn't see something you think should be here it could be in Phase 6 which I've vaguely thought about.


Do you want to see my thoughts on Phase 6? (No further than that I promise)


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