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How long could you survive in a horror movie scenario? A new video created by Interlude for MTV looks to answer that question. The interactive technology and media company, perhaps best known for the impressive Bob Dylan music video it created in 2013, has designed a choose-your-own-adventure experience to promote the release of MTV’s new Scream TV series.

The game/video puts the players in the position of a young man whose sexual encounter with his girlfriend is interrupted by ,one of Scream’s signature hooded killers, Ghostface. As the character flees for his life, players are invited to choose between two potential decisions at crucial junctures. No matter how the viewer chooses, though, death is always right around the corner. In four attempts, I never made it past four split points before meeting my grisly fate. Can you do better?

The choose-your-own-adventure genre is hard to pull off in video form, though several content creators, such as The Fine Bros, have managed to design their own choice-based games by using YouTube’s annotations feature to their advantage. Interlude’s take on the format, which uses the company’s technology to its advantage, is much more seamless. It’s a brilliant little piece of advertising that reminds us just how difficult it would be to survive a slasher scenario. No matter how much of a quick thinker you are, at some point, you’re probably going to choose wrong.

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