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The Wet Hot American Summer prequel; First Day Of Camp has just landed on Netflix and sees the return of one of the most impressive comedy casts of all time. The original comedy directed by David Wain released in 2001 and a lot of the cast have certainly done some growing in those 14 years, so here are the cast of Wet Hot American Summer, then and now:


Most recently seen in Marvel's Ant-Man, Paul Rudd wasn't always a superhero, he just used to be the obnoxious and rebellious Andy. Unfaithful to his girlfriend and repulsed by a woman slathered in BBQ sauce, Rudd was one of the highlight's of the original 2001 comedy.

Projects since: Knocked Up, Anchorman, Ant-Man.


Three time Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper played the closeted homosexual Ben in the film, constantly refusing affection from his girlfriend Susie. Cooper is now one of the most sought after actors in all of Hollywood, nominated for three consecutive Oscars.

Project since: Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, American Sniper.


Relatively unknown when she appeared in Wet Hot American Summer, Poehler has gone on to become a highly successful and incredibly talented comedian best known for leading one of the most successful comedy shows of the past half decade; Parks & Recreation. Susie was the director and choreographer of the camp's talent show.

Projects since: Inside Out, Parks & Recreation, They Came Together.


Lindsay, the camping counselor that Andy lust after until she gets BBQ sauce around her mouth was one of Elizabeth Banks' first professional roles. She's gone on to have many film roles in some of Hollywood's biggest franchises and even direct the highly successful Pitch Perfect 2.

Projects since: Spider-Man, Pitch Perfect, The Hunger Games.


Showalter hasn't had such a glorious career as the rest of his campmates, mainly making appearances in TV shows and independent comedies. He also made a small appearance in M. Night Shyamalan's Signs.

Projects since: They Came Together, Two Night Stand, Bob's Burgers.

Janeane Garofalo (Beth)

Camp Firewood's director who fell in love with a local astrophysicist after her husband was tragically transformed into a talking can of mixed vegetables (that's what we learn in First Day Of Camp). Garofalo hasn't had the biggest career, yet she's appeared in TV Movies, TV shows and even a Pixar film.

Project since: Ratatouille, 24, The Wild.


One of my absolute favorite characters in WHAS, was Christopher Meloni's psychotic sweater fondling Vietnam War veteran Gene who is also the camps chef. In First Day Of Camp we see Gene's transformation from clean shaven nice guy to bearded and frankly insane fridge humping weirdo. Meloni has had a very strong career in both drama and comedy.

Project since: Man Of Steel, They Came Together, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.


The camp's resident ladies man or so he likes to think was played by Ken Marino, an actor you'll most likely recognize from TV as he's appeared in a number of different shows, you may also remember him as the stepdad from Role Models. Victor has a much bigger role in the Netflix prequel and is one of the shows highlights.

Projects since: Role Models, Veronica Mars, Burning Love.


Victor's best friend in the movie and show is played by comedy actor Joe Lo Truglio who'll recognize from a number of films and shows but most likely his role in the hit show Brooklyn Nine Nine in which he is one of the best parts.

Projects since: Brooklyn Nine Nine, Superbad, Paul.


Andy's obsessive love interest, Katie, who uses Coop for emotional comfort but stays with Andy purely for the sex. Moreau has mainly appeared on TV, most notably the US version of Shameless.

Project since: Shameless, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Grey's Anatomy.


The theater kid who falls for the talent show's producer Ben was played by Michael Ian Black and this is probably his biggest ever film role, he did return to work with director David Wain on the 2014 satirical rom-com They Came Together which reunited many WHAS alum.

Projects since: They Came Together, This is 40, Smosh The Movie.

You can catch Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp on Netflix right now! But first, let me know who your favorite Wet Hot American Summer character is in the comments or on Twitter @JamesPorter97


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