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As some fans of Horror will know, most movies in this genre these days usually follow the same pattern, here are 5 Horror movie Clichés that just won't die:

1. Let’s investigate at this time in the night!

People are always overly curious in horror movies. "What was that strange bump in the night? I have an idea! Let’s go stumble around in the dark and check it out. I suppose it could be a serial killer or maniacal slasher or even a bloodthirsty mutant beast, but I’ll bring this flashlight; that’ll scare ’em away!" And it never, ever works out!

2. Asking people you don't know for directions!

You’re better off just driving around looking for where you’re going and running out of gas than asking for directions. But if you must ask for directions, don’t go to some rundown home in the middle of nowhere or a school in the middle of the woods. Just drive around, and make sure you go pretty fast!

3. No one is ever going to listen to you!

I see this all the time! No matter how crazy the situation looks, neither the police, the parents, or that annoying friend will believe you. There can be a body ripped to shreds and people still don't think anything is wrong!

4. My light won’t work!

They actually say this! This is when a character has a flashlight, or is in a room with a light on. They may be walking in the dark woods, or a house, and the light will be working fine. But as soon as they hear a bump in the night or some maniac killer is after them, the light will suddenly decide to stop working, and everything will be shrouded in darkness!

5. Constant Jump Scares!

This one really annoys me! Usually in the first half of the movie, there are several scenes designed to make you jump. Maybe a knife will fall, an animal will jump out or that friend thinks it's funny to jump out and scare the main character.


What's the biggest cliché in horror movies?


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