ByEmily Perez, writer at

Hey guys sorry for not writing to you but we are talking about you tube as you can tell by the title. YouTube is so important to me because its like my first job because you have to make videos for people who enjoy watching my videos. Thank you JC Caylen for inspiring me to do videos because its so fun really fun and you are my inspiration for everything. My channel is imaginary smiles and its with the picture of this girl smiling and it has a orange background. The reason why its so fun to do videos is because you get to make people laugh and smile and i love doing that for people it makes me happy. I give credit to JC Caylen so go check out his 2 channels JC Caylen and Kian and JC because i guarantee you that you will laugh and cry at the same time and subscribe to them it lets them know that you guys care and enjoy their videos. i guess this ends my article for now and follow me if you want me to write a article about me only me. I guess this is it and i will see all your beautiful smiles next Thursday.


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