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As some fans of Romance movies will know, most movies in this genre these days usually follow the same pattern, here are 5 Romantic movie Clichés that just won't die:

1. Kissing in the Rain

The girl always stands outside with the love of her life, not caring about the rain soaking her designer outfit because she’s with the man she loves. One of the most common romantic movie clichés involves getting that perfect kiss when the weather is just awful!

2. Jumping into each others arms!

Another eye-rolling moment! When two lovers haven’t seen each other, they reunite by running and jumping into each other’s arms. The girl kicks up her legs and the guy spins her around. When he puts her back down, they share a passionate kiss. They’re overjoyed by the sheer sight of their lover. In real life, there's a good chance this wouldn't happen so smoothly.

3. Ferris Wheel Scene

The budding couple decides to go for a fun night out and inevitably ends up on a Ferris wheel. Even if they're afraid of heights, they feel safe because of who they’re sitting beside. When they reach the top, they look down at the beautiful scenery and then share an amazing kiss.

4. Cooking Cuteness!

We’ve all seen that montage where a girl and guy whip up something in the kitchen. Upbeat music plays in the background while they throw some ingredients in a bowl and some flour at each other, whilst occasionally dancing, usually pretty badly. Even if the food turns out to be inedible, it doesn’t matter because making it was so much fun. I cannot remember a time when I have not seen this in a romantic movie!

5. Star-Gazing

Whether they’re sitting on a picnic blanket out on the grass or on the hood of a car, stargazing is a romantic activity. If it’s cold, they get to snuggle to keep warm. If it’s hot out, they snuggle anyway (for some reason). Looking up at something so beautiful while spending time with the one they love makes for a memorable evening. Whats worse is when they’re apart, they look at the sky and remember the night they shared!


What's the biggest cliché in Romantic movies?


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