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Henry Starling Jr.
Bloodshot: Reborn #5
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Raul Allen and Patricia Martin
Colors: Borja Pindado
Covers: Raul Allen, Mico Suayan, Jay Fabares, Dave Johnson, Kano
Valiant Entertainment

There comes a time in every persons life where we got to make some tough choices. Do we go down the path that is safe, secure? Or do we go down the right path, knowing that it will be painful? That's what our friend Ray had been struggling with these last few issues.

Jeff Lemire takes us even deeper into the psyche of someone who truly wants to do the right thing, but at what cost. He truly makes us believe that Ray, no matter what happens, will always be more human than machine. It's writing like this that makes me a proud comic book geek!

And what can I say about the art team of Raul Allen, Patricia Martin, and Borja Pindado? Only that Valiant Entertainment must have a magic wand that creates artistic talent whenever they want. I mean, the three separate styles going in in this issue really compliment one another. The dark somber blues and blacks along with the bright vibrant contrasting reds and whites really make this a jaw dropping issue.
And as always, Valiant's covers never cease to amaze me. They continually jump off the shelf, right ahead of anything else out there. Plus....QR COVER! I can't wait to hear what Bloodsquirt sounds like!

Overall this was a thought provoking read. Complexity at its finest. A thought provoking, fun read that takes us down a deep, dark path. I for one can't wait to see what happens when he gets all the nanites back.

Rating: 5/5


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