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As some fans of Action movies will know, most movies in this genre these days usually follow the same pattern. Let's take a look at 5 action movie clichés that just won't die:

1. Explosion? What Explosion?

Typical! A true bad-ass doesn't flinch in the face of an explosion. He/She won't even bother looking at it. Instead, the character simply strolls away, making sure that the camera catches them walking away all bad-ass, and making sure the audience rolls their eyes once more!

2. They are mine to finish!

Despite being ruthless murderers, a lot of action movie villains are surprisingly sentimental when it comes down to the hero. How else to explain their obsessive need to be the one who fires the bullet that kills the hero? Despite having billions of dollars / world domination within their sights, most of them will risk it all just to ensure the hero gets a poetic send-off at their own hand.

3. Don't worry, its nothing!

In an action movie, taking a bullet anywhere but the face will always be just a mild wound to the hero. Bullets will almost always miss a major artery, and the hero can usually walk-off a stab wound.

4. Yeah, they are going to die!

The veteran worker with one more day before retirement, the thief tempted into one final job, the side-kick looking over a wallet-sized photograph of they're family, yeah, all of them are doomed! Thanks to their attempts to plan for a life beyond the film's running time. Any time a life outside guns and explosions is brought into the movie, expect the character to die very soon!

5. Just in time!

Whether it is a bomb about to destroy the city/country/world, or a family member/loved one is about to be killed, the hero always seems to be at the most convenient place possible in the final seconds in order to save the day once again. A good example is every single Mission Impossible Movie!


What's the biggest cliché in Action movies?


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