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As some fans of Comedy movies will know, most movies in this genre these days usually follow the same pattern, here are 5 Comedy movie clichés that just won't die:

1. Mistaking Overweight For Pregnant

Near the start of a comedy movie, usually when a single man is looking for a date, he passes off a pregnant woman for being fat. Then the woman will slap the man for making such horrid accusations. This will surely get some laughs out of the audience, but seeing that it is in virtually every comedy film, it is hard to find it funny.

2. He's Standing Right Behind Me, Isn't He?

Mostly in Kids and Animated films, the main character will start insulting either his friends, his family, or a loved one, and then the character will be standing right behind them hearing the whole thing, and there is always that brief moment of shock from that main character. I cannot remember a time where I have not seen this in a comedy movie!

3. Sarcastic Maniacal Laughter

Often in parody movies, the fake villain will use a maniacal laugh in order to insult the actual villain in the movies that they are mocking. This is part of a fundamental check list when creating a parody movie of an action film. A good example of this is in Dr.Evil in he Austin Powers movies, insulting Bond villains over the years.

4. Yelling Out In The Middle Of A Quiet Event

This is another common tool, whether it is in a middle of a moment of silence at a football stadium, or in the middle of a church prayer. The main character or his/her friends will shout something hugely inappropriate to the situation they are in, then the crowd will stare at them confused, and sometimes aggressively. Usually it is not funny, and it creates is an awkward silence.

5. Parents Over-sharing About Sex

Usually in these sorts of films, the main character's parents, or his/her friends parents, are quite quirky and abnormal, and they usually show this through talking about their sex lives, and how they always spice things up with certain outfits. Again, this creates tension for the family, and sometimes, even the audience.


What's the biggest cliche in comedy movies?


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