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As some fans of Fantasy movies will know, most movies in this genre these days usually follow the same pattern, here are 5 Fantasy movie Clichés that just won't die:

1. A Prophecy/Destiny

In most fantasy movies, the unwilling hero always seems to find a way of learning the prophecy, which would then make the character take up a mantle and would successfully take out the villain.

2. The Chosen One & The Mentor

Always, always! This is a common cliché. The hero will be called the chosen one with his destiny as proof, and will be supported by virtually everyone. However, behind every hero there is a wise mentor figure to guide him through his journey.

3. The evil factions are always ugly!

Most of the evil factions in the fantasy universes are often orcs, lead by some dark lord, and to prove that they are all evil, they have to make them all ugly, just so the audience would immediately find them repulsive and therefore hates them. Try and think of a fantasy movie that does not have this approach.

4. Unrealistic Fighting

A hero cannot take on a dozen men simultaneously and win. And a group of orcs would not wait to attack the hero one after the other. The hero would likely be killed, or at least horribly injured. And in a society where medical knowledge is limited, these injuries would have long-lasting consequences.

5. Men, Front and Center!

Take a look at the protagonist and secondary characters. Is it me or are they all men? Are the women in your story afterthoughts? A beautiful princess in need of rescue? There is no gender equality in these types of movies. And I cannot think of a time when there was!


What's the biggest cliché in Fantasy movies?


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