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Philip Tarver

Racking in an astounding 8 million views, 'Disney's Descendants' has bippity boppity booped its way to the NO.1 TV film of 2015. That surprised and excited me. If you can survive the cliches and the music, Descendants isn't a bad film. The original core plot and deeply modern themes leaves a sweet aftertaste. I am one in a probable minority who enjoyed the film's costume design and music. There is some teen pop and some broadway showtunes thrown in the mix. I do have to say that I found the classic color-scheming of the costumes of the main quad of characters to be brilliant. We all know that most of the Disney villains in this film have died in the own films, which makes the idea of them reproducing unbelievable. Mixing the new and the modern with the classic era of Disney, you must watch it with a suspension of disbelief. Go and watch this film as if you are that gullible 6 year old again. Remember, its NOT made for adults and teens. I'm just one of the lucky few who could hop into this world and enjoy it. With this film, you cannot help but to care for the protagonists or should I say...antagonists? Their easily lovable characters. However, I did find the naming of the characters to be a bit too lazy and bogus. I mean, Mal, daughter of (Mal)eficent!? Lonnie, daughter of Mu(lan)!? Jay, son of (Ja)far, Evie, daughter of the (Evil) Queen. What brilliant intern came up with creating a 'whole new' name for these characters based off of the prefixes and suffixes of their predecessors? But I digress, as I said before, you have to watch with a childlike suspension of belief. It takes the truest Disney fans to spot all of the Easter eggs thrown all across the film. I won't spoil anything for my readers, but I do indeed recommend this movie for HSM (High School Musical) and TBM (Teen Beach Movie) fans.

This Disney fan definitely has his fingers crossed for sequel. If you saw the film, I am very interested in your opinion. Voice your thoughts in the comment section below.


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