ByTrevor Thomson, writer at
Trevor Thomson manipulate their environment to suit their needs, nothing more, nothing less. It's our pride, which you seem to have in spades, that is one of our greatest weaknesses. I wish we were careful or responsible enough to make sure no unwanted children were conceived, but we're not, and while I'm not saying abortion should be the answer, I do believe it should be an option for very extreme cases. That, and until a baby is born, it is part of a woman's body, so therefore she has the right to do with it what she chooses. People worrying about a life that we'll never know, are stressing out over meaningless worries. There's countless people we never know, who go through terrible things, yet we don't let it dominate our attention because it would drive us crazy. The only reason any of us are here is because our parents decided to have intercourse, and decided to go through with raising the resulting child, or even better, wanted us. Some aren't so fortunate. Some people go through life knowing they were unwanted, and they're miserable. Some people like to believe we're all here for a reason, but do you really believe that all 7 BILLION people that now live on this planet were supposed to be here, and not just because their parents decided to fuck? My point is, that lion is no different from any other life on this planet (all animals, including humans, or plants), and the only reason you seem to value human life more, is because you are one, and prideful. People care because this lion was killed not for food for a family or defense, but for sport. Some jackass's amusement. You can worry about the small dent in the human population all you want, but guess what? We're not in danger of dying out anytime soon, unless it's by our own hand and by a method other than abortion. Lions however are a different story. Wouldn't you like to show your children (who you chose to have) a lion in the future, rather than tell them about it?

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