ByJ Dalton Mattox, writer at
Big into comic book heroes as well as Harry Potter, Supernatural, Dr. Who, etc.
J Dalton Mattox

Ant-Man was by far the funniest of Marvels comic-book adaptations I have witnessed. Paul Rudd keeps the laughs coming with his character's quick witted humor and thirst for adventure. This movie will make you laugh your 3D glasses off. The whole cast worked so perfectly together, especially the master student dynamic expertly displayed between Rudd and Michael Douglas. A great hero, a great villain, and a great tale of self redemption, love, theft, and the idea that no matter how small you are, everyone has the power to rise to the occasion. If you haven't yet seen the action-packed film I strongly suggest you start loading up the car with your best friends and get going right away, nothing will compare to the IMAX experience that had my senses on total overload, the sound, the 3D creations, absolutely fantastic. The perfect set-up to Ant-Man joining the Avengers and taking his rightful place. Paul Rudd takes you for an insect covered and adrenaline fueled ride that you will never forget, he is Ant-Man.


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