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J Dalton Mattox

It's been twenty years since we were let into the magic that is Jurassic Park, and much has changed. Petting zoos with baby dinosaurs, a Plesiosaur feeding act, and a whole new genetically engineered terror for the guests. Chris Pratt brings some new blood to the franchise as Owen, the Park's velociraptor trainer. Join him, his ex, and her nephews for a prehistoric blast from the past. This movie finally brought Jurassic Park back in not only it's dark and creepy aspects but it also brought some much needed laughs. Science has yet again made the mistake of being too concentrated on whether or not they could make something and didn't take the time to think about if they should. Take another ride for the fourth installment in the series as Owen hunts down the bloodthirsty, genetically modified, Indominus Rex. Journey back to the place you dreamed of going as a kid, relive the excitement and get ready for the nostalgia my friends. Jurassic World is a must see film for the whole family, if you haven't yet, get it watched.


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