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For some time now, rumors have been slinging about, this way and that, in terms of who would (or should) play the starring role in the DC Cinematic Universe's turn at a solo Green Lantern movie. Now that we know the movie will be Green Lantern, and thus focusing on more than one of the Green Lanterns from Earth, it's pretty much confirmed that John Stewart will be among them. What isn't confirmed, though, is who will play the part.

Fan casting has volunteered all manner of different faces in the role--Denzel Washington, Tyrese Gibson, Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor, rapper Common, Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, and even David Ramsey, who already has the role of John Diggle on the CW's Green Arrow TV adaptation, Arrow. In the midst of these, though, a new name has since thrown his hat into the ring, and it is neither of the above. Ladies and gents, is our first live action John Stewart... Lance Gross?

The above picture came directly from Lance Gross on Instagram (with a link also appearing on Twitter), captioned 'In Brightest Day'. And, of course, his followers on Twitter and Instagram are eagerly awaiting news of just what this means. Has he just been in talks, like Tyrese Gibson says he has? Or has he make it past what look like hordes of other contenders, and won the role?

Of course, until either he or Warner Bros or any other insider say for absolutely certain, it's all no more than speculation, but what do you think? Is it just an announcement from one of the hopefuls, that he got to audition? Is he wishing all the best to someone else who got picked? Or is this Lance Gross' way of telling us that he will be John Stewart for the DC Cinematic Universe?

Let us know what you think, in the poll and comments below!


Has Lance Gross Landed the Role of Green Lantern John Stewart?


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