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This is putting two beloved franchises together and seeing whic has the better films. This of course is my opinion feel free to comment your winner below

The rules are 6 X-men films vs. 6 of my favorite marvel movies this isn't a ranking

Wolveirne vs. Thor

Both of these movies are fun but nothing special. Wolverine is good. So is Thor. The acting goes to Thor but the dialogue goes the wolverine also the Action goes to Thor because THERE IS NO SHAKY CAM

Winner Thor

Captain America 2 the winter solider vs. X-men 2

These pictures are the best of there companies but the winner is clear the film that is more important and better crafted and doesn't make you have so much suspension of disbelief is X2

Winner X2

First class vs. Iron Man

Iron man kick started a franchise everybody now loves, first class rebooted a franchise we thought died. First class wins though because it doesn't loose itself in the third act

Winner First class

Round 2

Iron Man 3 vs. X-men 3 the last stand

Iron man 3 is underwhelming sure but its not bad X3 is bad just bad

Winner Iron Man 3

Avengers vs. X-men DOFP

Avengers showed we could have ate cake and eat it to...but wait a hour DOFP erased all the crap and showed the varsity and the b team can be together

Winner DOFP

Gaurdians of the galaxey vs. X-men

X-men holds a special place its better made too but GOTG is more fun has more emotion

Winner GOTG

Round 3


Two great movies but one can leave where ad GOTG feels like a fun film it also spend to much time setting DOFP does not its more focused

Winner DOFP

Iron man 3 vs First Class

Don't be silly.

Winner First class

X2 vs Thor

Thors a lot of fun but struggles from setting up sickness really stop setting up X2 continues the story but has a feeling stopping this is what matters not the big picture

X-men wins!

This of course is in good fun leave your own brackets below


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