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ok after reading the 5 ive made my own kind of interesting ideas. starting with i believe joker is a Lazarus pit mishap. i think he was an very older times man with good intentions until he was kidnapped for no reason whatsoever and beat and tortured without his takers ever asking for money or anything. face brutally scared cut from ear to ear and eventually left to his death. how he got to the pit is still murky but when he was revived he was fully healed n never recovered mentally (as we know no one come out of the pit mentally right and it takes time to come to ones senses). now his world thrown into chaos he becomes it but also longs death n chaos in all of the good in others. remember when Alfred tell Bruce about the bandit from his time. he stole the jewelry from them and never sold any of it. in fact he threw it away..he had no need for it other than to cause unease with the men. then they found a child playing with a ruby the size of a tangerine....and their solution to the problem was burning the forest.....the joker had won he turned good with plans into burn down a whole rainforest to kill one man...all of the incident lives that were look at the joker in the city....takes the mob for somewhere in the range of 30-60 million and burns it..and says everything burns... turns Harvey dent into 2face cuz hes a good man with a plan thats now plunged into chaos. ...but he doesn't leave this time because he's finally found someone who is just as crazy as he is but in the opposite way....Batman...seeing this brings him joy in a way that completes him but is ready to give his life to turn batman into the perfect engine of chaos and the world will burn


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