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Marvel and DC, two big giants in the comic book world, have created a divide amongst many fans in terms of whose characters are better.But have you noticed that there are many similarities between the characters of Marvel and DC comics?

Check it out!

1. Darkseid - Thanos

Two powerful villains of both the universes, who have no mercyto make the heroes suffer.

2. Man Thing - Swamp Thing

Two swamp monsters of different worlds who get entangled in the affairs of human world.

3. Brainiac – Ultron

Two powerful metal men, hell bent on human extinction, only to be stopped by our heroes.

4. Aquaman – Sub Mariner

Two superheroes from the long-lost city of Atlantis with awesome underwater powers and a cool trident.

5. Green Arrow – Hawkeye

Two powerful master archers that never miss a mark, and are each part of a superhero team.

6. Flash – Quicksilver

These two speeders can run circles around the other heroes!

7. Martian Man Hunter – Vision

Two similar personalities, but their costumes bear striking resemblance in the form iconic capes.

8. Dark Knight - Moon Knight

Two crime fight vigilantes in their respective cities, one is a billionaire turned hero, another is gifted with the power of Khonsu (The Egyptian Moon God).

9. Hawkman – Angel

Both are winged heroes with a large wingspan who always fly to save the day

10. Clayface – Sandman

Two super villains whose bodies are made of sand and clay respectively, they can take any shape they want, which makes them nigh unbeatable.

11. Elongated Man – Mr. Fantastic

Two men with the ability to stretch their body to ridiculous lengths.

12. Dr. Strange - Dr. Fate

Two master magicians ready to cross many realms to defend the ideologies they stand for.

13. Deathstroke - Deadpool

Two anti-heroes who are skillful with their choice of weapons.

14. Captain America - Steel Commander

Two honorable leaders, leading people in times of distress.

15. Magneto - Dr.Polaris

Two super baddies with freaking magnetic powers

16. Wasp - Bumblebee

Two super heroines that take after similar insects.

17. Superman - Gladiator

Two heroes with otherworldly super powers.



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