ByEthan David, writer at

In an interview with Vulture, writer Jonathan Goldstein, who is helming with Francis Daley Jon Watts’ Spider-Man reboot's script, has confirmed that Spidey's scene in Captain America: Civil War has already been shot. He then said he and Francis Daley “might even get to look at the Spidey suit.” when theyd go check the footage out.

That means Tom Holland's scenes as Peter Parker are already shot, but also that we probably wont be seeing much webslinger action, as Goldstein said he “might even” get to see the suit.

Overall, that means we will get our first real look at the MCU's Spider-Man in his own feature film. Unlike the Civil War comic, in wich Peter Parker was central to the plot, this news means Tom Holland appearance will be nothing more but a cameo. This doesnt really come off as a surprise, since Captain America 3 was in pre production long before the deal between Sony and Disney was made, and its probably for the best Marvel didnt rewrite their entire script in order for Spider-Man to feature more prominently in the film.

So, are you disapointed Tom Holland only has a cameo in the film? Do you think hell make a good Spider-Man? Write your toughts down below!


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