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So, where is Janet...?

Janet (Hope van Dyne's mother and Hank Pym's wife) was the original wasp... She was the one who had to shrink through the molecules to disarm a missile in 1983, as Doctor Pym's regulator had sustained too much damage. The missile was successfully taken down, but the Wasp had gone sub-atomic...

So how is she still alive?

Well... I went to see Ant-man for the third time last night, and noticed her the first time round.


When Ant-man has to go sub-atomic to destroy the Yellow Jacket (By the way, when that is happening, you have to look close to see one of the Star-Wars Phase 2 references) He's zooming through all the atoms and you see what looks like mini planets within atoms? Which could be the micro verse, you can see a place that looks very like Asgard... Anyway, back to Wasp...

So when Ant-man is just kinda falling through all this sciency stuff (And probarbly as many things as the director thought he could pack in for everyone to pick up on) you see a very similar figure that looks exactly like as silhouette of this...


Wasp... Being Wasp...
Wasp... Being Wasp...

You can see this when Ant-man is shrinking and growing out of the Sub-Atomic zone. You can also see this figure reflected off of Ant-man's helmet in these scenes.

But will she be bought back...?

Well, maybe.

So maybe Hank will strap a camera or something to Scott next time he goes Sub-Atomic? Because Scott has no memory of inside the Sub-Atomic zone... Probably not because that will be RIDICULOUS!


So what do you think, will we see two Wasps in the MCU?


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