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1. Woman said Thomas. Thomas said you know me?

She know Thomas. But she not his son ( Thomas) she is wckd and bit hate Ava Paige. Her name Mary cooper.

2. Crank ( zombie )

This zombie crank who make crank by Ava Paige and wckd people.

3. When start film Thomas awake on helicopter.

Minho make wake up to Thomas because they quick in wckd house because zombie is come.

4. Thomas dream flash back

When Thomas little. Wckd people got Thomas and more. Only children. Wckd people got children because zombie or something was happen.

5. Teresa leave

Teresa is leave because wckd people chase Thomas and everyone.

6. griever Baby secret

Thomas saw a griever because wckd hide something and lots.

7. Ava Paige

Ava Paige try find something and Thomas.

8. Ava Paige talk Thomas

When Thomas was kid Ava Paige talk to him what happen there.

9. Thomas out of plane

The army shot crank before crank chase Thomas arrived the scorch halls.

Thanks watch for me by Danny Murphy


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