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Fox have certainly staked a claim for their own Marvel universe. They have the rejuvenated X-Men franchise, also the impending popular anti-hero Deadpool coming. More recently though we have Josh Trank's Fantastic Four. After a turbulent pre production and negative feedback about the cast (primarily about Jordan) the criticism has been thawed thanks to the trailers. So, Fox are very confident about this movie that a sequel has been commissioned for 2017. We all know (probably) that the Fantastic Four will go toe to toe with Doctor Doom. But who will be the villian be in the sequel? There is already rumours that Namor and the Silver Sufer will appear in the sequel. However, both are not primary villians as such. So here are some candidates villians who might appear in the sequel.

1. Galactus.

Galactus. (picture courtesy of

After the abysmal sequel to the Fantastic Four. Rise of the Silver Sufer was even worse. Not only was the plot dire but Galactus was portrayed as a cloud?! One of the most influential figures in the Marvel universe was not done any justice. If we ever see Galactus again I am confident that Fox will rectify their mistakes.

2. Mad Thinker.

Mad Thinker. (pic courtesy of

Mad Thinker is a genius who's intellect rivals that of Reed Richards. He has supreme knowledge that Thinker can calculate in timing that defys belief. Mad Thinker can project his mind into the body of his Awesome Androids.

3. Mole Man.

Mole Man. (picture courtesy of

Mole Man is another genius who resides underground. Due to his living in the underworld Mole Man has weekend normal vision. However, to compensate his poor sight Mole Man has heightened senses. He is a skilled martial arts fighter. Mole Man is the leader of the Subterranea. A species that consists of lizardmen, lavamen, monoids, ghouls etc. After Mole Man got rejected by the outer world he has dedicated his life to taking over the world from below.

4. Red Ghost.

Red Ghost. (picture courtesy of

Red Ghost has supreme intellect. He also has the power to make himself invisible and air walk. However, his most notably attribute is his Ape like minions. Ghosts Apes are supreme apes. More advanced than the usual wild apes. They are stronger, faster and smarter. All are in control of Red Ghost. Red Ghost is also an expert of devices and weaponry.

5. Wizard.

Wizard. (picture courtesy of

Wizard is a formidable foe to the Fantastic Four. He has the ability to being a master of disguise. He also has the ability to mind control via his specialised helmet. Wizard can use electronic blasts via his gloves. Wizard made his specialised suit due to him being a skilled mechanic. His name "Wizard" is due to him being a staged magician.

6. Impossible Man.

Impossible Man. (Picture courtesy of

Impossible Man is an alien shape shifter. He can turn himself into any living being. He also has the ability to turn his body into a turning his arm into a huge knife. Impossible Man can also teleport and has great knowledge.

These are some of the potential villians that we could possibly see in the sequel. Along with the much rumoured Namor and Silver Sufer appearance the Fantastic Four reboot franchise is looking healthy.

Namor and Silver Sufer. (Picture courtesy of

I for one would love to see Namor and Silver Sufer. This would give the chance for them to potentially have a solo movie. Fox have a great chance to rival MCU if they continue to properly develop their Marvel roster.


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