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Lohith Nyalapogula

Ricardo Segarra recently tweeted this:

But who's he playing?

Do we finally have our Shazam? Or will he be Kyle Rayner? Personally, I think his face and body look like Shazam, but he has tagged both Batman v Superman and Justice League. We know for certain that Shazam isn't in Batman v Superman and we are sure he isn't in Justice League Part One. Could the reason why he tagged Batman v Superman be because Kyle Rayner will make a cameo in the movie? Most probably not, but all of the Justice League, except Green Lantern, are making appearances in the movie. We know for certain that Green Lantern is in the Justice League movie, and since they are trying to get the audience to forget Ryan Reynolds's poor portrayal of the character, what better way to reboot a character than to just replace him with another version? Instead of having Hal Jordan, they could introduce Kyle Rayner first. Further more, he wrote:

"See you soon DC Cinematic Universe."

and Shazam doesn't come out until 2019, which is around four years away, whereas Justice League Part One is around two years away. Whatever the case, hopefully Ricardo isn't trolling us and is playing a completely different character. The one certain thing we know is that Ricardo Segarra is in the DC Extended Universe!


Who is Ricardo Segarra playing in the DCEU?


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