ByLohith Nyalapogula, writer at
Lohith Nyalapogula

This is what Lance Gross recently posted on his Instagram:

"In Brightest Day".
"In Brightest Day".

Now, this doesn't mean Lance Gross is playing John Stewart in the DCEU. Tyrese Gibson kept on posting fan art and actually went to Warner Bros. studios for several meetings. So Tyrese is more likely to play John Stewart in the DCEU than anyone else. But what this does mean is that Tyrese is going to have some competition. Justice League will start filming in the Spring, so Warner Bros. have plenty of time to think it over. Personally, I think Tyrese Gibson will be a much better John Stewart than Lance Gross, or anyone else for that matter. What do you think and be sure to comment on which Green Lantern you think we'll see in Justice League Part One. I think we'll see John Stewart, since there are already two actors who have shown interest in playing him and no one else is talking about doing the other Green Lanterns. Except Ricardo Segarra, but that a whole another article....


Who do you want to see play John Stewart?


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