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Ed Gein was a serial killer who confessed and charged for killing two woman. He was found guilty for the murders but legally insane so he ended up in a mental health facility.

So why wearing a human's face as a mask like Leatherface did in the film ? In the movie we notice that Leatherface wears a human's face as a mask because he has a skin disease but Ed Gein did this for his desire to be a woman in fact he also wore a vest of skin complete with female genitalia and breasts strapped above his own. Whit this information i can say that he desperately wanted to be a woman and hated the way he was. Those days weren't like today , so for him that seemed to be the only way to feel as a female.

How about that chainsaw that gives us shivers every time we hear it in the film ? Ed Gein didn't use a chainsaw to kill his victims ,instead he used a pistol to murder them. Rip Mary Hogan and Bernice C. Worden.

If you have any more of Ed Gien's life that is based on the film i would be more that happy to know.


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