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A fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Wild Swans is about a resolute princess named Eliza who rescues her eleven brothers. The princes are turned into swans by an evil witch and the siblings are all banished from their home.

To save her brothers, Eliza has to gather stinging nettles from a graveyard and knit them into shirts. In order to break the curse, she has to be mute no matter how painful or difficult it is as speaking one word results in all of their deaths.

Even when she is falsely sentenced to death, she is determined and continues to knit for her brothers with the little time she has. Fortunately, she managed to complete the task before the execution and all of her brothers are saved.

Can we have The Wild Swans, please?

The Wild Swans is so charming and good-natured. Not only interesting, it is one of the most loved fairytales. It can be a fantasy or a romantic movie depending on how the creators want it to be. It can even easily be made into a horror movie. So, why not? There are so many lovable characters and vivid, exciting scenes to play with. In addition to a beautiful princess with an admirable personality, we could also have eleven handsome princes (plus another one, as her love interest) and many, many adorable animals. Animation is almost limitless with creativity and imagination.

With gorgeous animation and excellent scriptwriting, this fairytale really could be a major hit... if only an animation studio decided to consider it and produce it with a great team. Any takers?


Would you be interested in watching The Wild Swans?

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