ByMark A. Gillum, writer at
Mark A. Gillum

In any "real" rendering we know that the super powered Superman is more than a match for any human being. He is, after all, SUPERMAN. Over the years, it appears that DC has alternately taken obvious steps to either kill, weaken, humanize and again restore Supes to whatever their editorial pleasures suited. I am a comic book reader from the late 50's and admittedly a purist. I have NOT enjoyed the retelling and storyline changes of many of the superheroes both DC and Marvel, but I admit to being entertained due to the quantum leap in cinematic technology making the heroes (and heroines) jump off the screen with realism. That being said, in the real world of comicdom, a Superman/Batman battle would be ludicrous outright. Superman was ALWAYS depicted as more than human, while Batman was the epitome of human development, wit, guile and resources. The question then is how will Batman be able to have and do battle with Superman on some type of equal footing. Regardless of writing and plot, the movie will hinge on this.


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