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Meet Lee Samantha's food art. She is a fun, creative and talented mother who creates healthy and super adorable meals for her two young daughters! Lee started creating food art back in December 2008 to help her eldest daughter eat independently and adventurously and started sharing her food art on Instagram in 2011.

Who would have predicted her passion in cooking (and raising her children) would produce fan artworks that are so healthy and cute? Below are some of her greatest creations!

Red Riding Hood Food Art

Let's visit grandma!

Disney Princess Snow White Food Art


The Evil Queen Food Art

Doesn't matter who's the fairest, it's all getting eaten!

Disney Princess Tiana Food Art

The adorable princess and the frog!

Frozen Princess Anna Food Art

Do you want to eat a snowman? ~ ♪

Frozen Queen Elsa Food Art

Okay, the cold food doesn't bother me anyway! ~ ♪

Disney Princess Cinderella Food Art

Dreams do come true!

Disney Villain Lady Tremaine

Cinderella's step mother is not amused!

The Little Mermaid Food Art


Disney Villain Ursula Food Art

Looks so lovely and tasty!

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Food Art

Super adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse food art!!

Batman Food Art


Joker Food Art

Of course you're not a monster... you're a tasty meal!

Disney Villain Maleficent

OMG... This too cute!!

Gandalf Food Art

WOW!! Perfect for Lord of the Rings fans!!

Hermione Food Art

Muggles food are interesting, aren't they?

Hagrid Food Art

Only Lee Samantha's magic can create these meals!

Honestly, all of these are too cute to be eaten! This mom cooks and makes this food art, then her kids eat while we get envious! Lee Samantha is undoubtedly passionate in her food art and in raising her two young daughters. For more of this healthy awesomeness, check out her profile on Instagram.

Thanks for sharing all of your amazing food art with us!


Would you eat this amazing food art? Tell us which is your favorite in the comments!

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