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Now hear me out. We all know the similarities between Vision and Warlock , but the most interesting is his relationship with Ultron which in a way is similar to the relationship between Adam Warlock and the Magus. But think about it, the Vision stated that Ultron is always a part of him and we never see the Vision actually "destroy him". The mind gem had these personalities stored within them, but the mind that Ultron possessed could be going mad with anger and hatred for everything in the universe within the gem. Now here's where things get interesting, we all know the fate which is stored for Vision. Thanos will kill him and steal the mind gem. But then Thanos will realize he needs a worthy right hand man and decides to create a being of pure evil, cue the Magus who is in fact the Ultron brought back to life in a human like body. Desperate for revenge and death, he seeks out the 2nd infinity gauntlet to rival and battle Thanos.

Possibilities in which Adam Warlock can be introduced.

And what if by chance he expels the good in his mind thus creating a new "perfect" human being, a Adam if you will. The old personality of Vision has manifested itself into human form and rallys earth's defenders and cosmic entities and while he was in the mind gem discovered a way to end the infinity gauntlet crisis.

2nd possibility

The Magus discovers the mind of Vision is trying to manifest itself into his human body with the gauntlet. Vision takes over his body and appears as a golden angelic being, perfect and regal in everyway. Calls himself the creation of God himself, Adam.

Call me crazy but I can totally see something like this playing out in Infinity War!


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