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We're on our third incarnation of Spider-man. We can all assume that we know what Spider-man's outfit looks like now, some may even enjoy the ones we've already seen. The slightly unique play on the colors from Amazing Spider-man, Sam Raimi's take on the Spider-man costume. If you ask me Amazing Spider-man 2 has gotten the closest to the comic's Spidey suit.

Still though I think it would be best to wait until the next movie to debut the real Spider-man costume. This might sound weird but follow my logic for a second. We know what Spider-man should look like, but Peter Parker doesn't. Peter Parker is a teenager and teenagers are going through a time where they're developing into the person they want to be. I think throughout the movie a small side plot should be figuring out not only the hero he wants to be but the hero he wants to look like.

Every first Spider-man movie we've seen him go through the "what should the suit look like" scene. The first Spider-man we got the wrestling outfit.

What I'm suggesting is that we expand on this concept a little bit. We have him tinkering with certain designs and plans and through out the movie they allow him to change costume until he fully realizes what he wants to look like. It's been done for Daredevil so it's not completely out of the question. What this would do is give a good opportunity to play around with and show off some of the designs from the comic book universe.

Maybe he almost gets shot and as any other teenager he gets worried and kind of scared; he decides to weld some metal together to make himself bulletproof and make a Spider armor suit. Maybe he thinks he wants to be scary and decides to go as Dusk a completely black moving shadow. Ben Reilly, the current Scarlet Spider, Miguel O'hara, even Miles Morales, the possibilities are endless to show him slowly coming into his own style as a hero before he finally figures out he wants to be with the classic red and blue.

Also, if he was to go as Spider-man 2099 or Ultimate Spider-man, if they ever decided to feature Miles Morales in a future movie they could easily explain that he got his outfit idea from one of Peter's past outfits.

If they really want to feature a high school Peter then show the "identity crisis" every teenager has to go through eventually. Let's go with Peter on this journey of self discovery, and if they want to show Peter swinging onto the scene in the end credits then have at it. If they really need to have him in Civil War then just have him go through whether or not the red and blue is really the kind of hero he wants to be. Spider-man is always questioning whether or not he has to be Spider-man. After the comics Civil War Spider-man went through a black suit phase, having him changing costumes would be a good way to show that. Or, he could be questioning whether red and blue are right for him after whatever happens with Captain America during Civil War.

Of course this article was inspired by the fan art of a possible Spider-man costume we've all seen. If you haven't, I'll feature that picture in the following poll. Also if you have a comic book suit that you'd like to see Spider-man wear tell me all about it in the comments.


Should Marvel wait to showcase the classic Spider-man suit.


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