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Reese Witherspoon plays Cooper, a by the books cop assigned to protect and escort the wife of a criminal in the witness protection program, but of course something goes wrong on the mission and the two are left on the run.

Congratulations Hot're now the second comedy of the year to feature not one funny moment. I'm not gonna sugarcoat this...Hot Pursuit is a terrible film, it even makes me wince having to refer to this thing as a 'film'.

ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Reese Witherspoon (Walk The Line, Wild) stars as Officer Cooper, an uptight woman of the law assigned to protect the painfully annoying Danielle Riva played by Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) who plays the same character she always does, just this time, it's even more annoying because the dialogue she's forced to spit out isn't funny or smart at all. I thought Witherspoon was past doing movies like this? To think the two time Oscar nominee gave one of the best performances of last year and now is doing something as pitiful and time wasting as Hot Pursuit shocks me.

Sofia Vergara has proven herself to work in comedy, just look at the success she's had on Modern Family, but she's never quite impressed me when it comes to feature films with the exception being Jon Favreau's Chef in which her role was admittedly quite small. She's terrible here, even more terrible than Reese Witherspoon which means the two leads are completely and utterly headache inducing.

Now, this isn't one of the worst movies I've ever seen, it's not memorable enough to warrant that title. But the problem here is that absolutely nothing hits, the action is lame, the comedy not strong at all. Even the hilarious Jim Gaffigan couldn't save this thing.

Anne Fletcher directed this and it's probably the worst movie she's ever done. Step Up, The Guilt Trip and The Proposal just to name a few of her directing efforts are far more entertaining pictures than Hot Pursuit.

Road trip movies can be very hit or miss and we haven't had a great one in quite a while. The film isn't surprising in it's story, it is predictable, cliched and pointless. It's not trying to say anything or prove a point, I had no idea what the films' goal was. The two lead characters are almost the exact same, both are incredibly load and controlling, but it just so happens that Cooper is very by the book and Riva is not, that's the only difference in their characters. These are two bumbling morons that I honestly couldn't have cared less about.

Like a lot of comedies, the actual plot is forgotten for a majority of the film and only serves as a reason for the characters to get into wacky scenarios. The plot comes back around to cap off the film for the final 5 minutes, it actually attempts to get serious for a moment and much like it's attempt at humor, it drastically fails.

I'm not going to dignify this movie anymore by talking about it, it's terrible, please don't see it.

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