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Alpha Flight is Canada's answer to The Avengers. There were involved in the Wolverine Origins story. However, they were given a solo story after in 1983. Alpha Flight work for the Department of National Defence which works to engage with super villians when necessary.

Alpha Flight first appeared in X-Men #120 when they were sent to retrieve Wolverine from the X-Men.

Alpha Flight first ever appearance. (Picture courtesy of Marvel.Wikipedia).

Most of the Alpha Flight members are of Canadian origin. The members consist of:


James Mcdonald Hudson has a suit that enables him to fly and manipulate earth's magnetic field.


Northstar has the ability of super speed and light manipulation.


Northstar's twin sister who has the same abilities.


Sasquatch is a "bigfoot" type creature who is actually of smart intellect. Sasquatch has immense power, strength and speed.


Snowbird has the ability to change into any animal she chooses.

Alpha Flight movie has been muted for a motion picture for years. However, with Fox and Marvel excelling in their movie franchise surely it would be wise to focus on Canada's first team? I would love to see it happen.


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